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Since January 2011, CK has been responsible for scanning all of the paper mail received daily by Bâloise Luxembourg as part of its work as an insurer (car insurance, public liability insurance, life insurance).

baloise x CK
Service scanning CK

3 questions in Mme Britta Ortmann
Logistics Manager for the Bâloise Assurances Group in Luxembourg

01 - Why did you choose CK and what were your needs?

At the beginning of the digitalisation process, we started scanning the documents ourselves internally. With the increase in volume and the resulting technical and organisational requirements, we looked for a skilled partner that could provide us with reliable support.

Ever since, CK has been our partner for this, and has consistently tailored its processes to suit our needs in close collaboration with us.

02 - How would you describe your daily management with CK (responsiveness, adherence to deadlines, reporting)?

This was always a sensitive collaboration given the nature of the activity. This made it even more important to establish a relationship of trust. We have been working with the same contact partners right from the outset, demonstrating continuity and stability.

03 - What have been the benefits of externalising this service?

The service creates stability for our internal processes. As a client, it is also a question of resources. The collaboration enables us to respond flexibly to internal changes.

An external partner can perform technical adjustments more efficiently if they are offering their service to multiple clients. For them it is their primary work environment, whereas we, as insurers, can focus more effectively on advising clients and offering them an exceptional client experience.

Philippe Schweitzer -  CK

« Our scanning service will digitise documents of all kinds for you, whatever the format. It enables you to focus all your efforts on your work and on developing your company. We ensure continuity of service at all times, withinsecure settings, taking into account all of your constraints and requirements (deadlines, confidentiality, quality etc.) ».

Philippe Schweitzer



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