Discover our printing solutions for managing your printer fleet.

Evolve in a professional world where the paper document has an important place.

  • Make your printing easier
  • Digitalisation of your documents
  • Take an eco-responsible approach to printing

What do we offer?

Printing solutions are software that can be integrated into your printer fleet. Overall, they allow you to manage your printed documents efficiently and simply.

More specifically, we offer solutions that allow you to :

– Manage all your documents in transit within your company.
– Secure your sensitive documents so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.
– Monitor the status of your print fleet in real time so that your devices are always operational.
– Manage your costs and expenses by controlling all the printing in your fleet and thus have a co-responsible approach to printed documents.
– Be more mobile to print your documents wherever you want.
– Get professional quality prints
– Reduce your costs by automating the preparation and management of your print jobs.


Discover the possibilities of your print fleet:


In addition to our products, we have many solutions for your printers:

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