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Impressions any format, black & amp; white, colors, mobile work, connection to business software: the printing system is part of the digital ecosystem of a company.

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State-of-the-art solutions for workgroups, services and production with scanners offering speed, image quality and excellent paper handling; easy integration and compatibility with document scanning applications.

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Advice in customer choice and assistance in the development of multimedia, audio and videoconferencing equipment, flat screens, high-end projectors and interactive boards.

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Modern and flexible office, printroom, copy-shop and printing equipment in professional document presentation systems. Expertise in bookbinding, laminating, laminating, folding, creasing and document cutting systems.

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Work anywhere, anytime, share ideas, stay informed, and work collaboratively with technology that brings you together despite geographic remoteness. When obstacles fall, productivity is on the rise.

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Find here all consumables for your printing equipment any format, scanners, audiovisual and computer

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Discover our air purifiers

For the first time, a purifier offers a 360° cylindrical air inlet.

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