Account and user management software provides print accounting tracking allowing companies and organizations to define and manage budgets for projects, organizational services, and user profiles.

Track your print jobs to define and manage budgets by project or entity and set up user profiles to reduce costs.
  • Centralized management of users and roles
  • Cost assignment and rebilling
  • Budget and quota management
  • Detailed report on results and costs
  • Panel customization

Account and user management

Modern printing environments offer a multitude of possibilities. As a result, the resulting volumes and costs quickly exceed budgets unless printing activities are controlled by professional tracking, monitoring and reporting solutions. In this context, our solutions meet the need for detailed information on your company's printing costs and offer you the possibility of controlling users and devices based on existing user management directories. They will allow you to easily define and assign user roles for quick and appropriate access to the print fleet. You'll be able to automatically generate an analysis of printouts by user, device and usage with easy-to-understand reports.