Découvrez l'excellence de l'impression grand format avec notre vaste gamme de consommables. Que vous soyez à la recherche de cartouches d'encre, de papiers spécialisés ou d'accessoires essentiels, notre sélection de consommables pour l'impression répond à tous vos besoins.

We offer a wide range of
large-format consumables for your printing projects

What are you interested in?

encre et toners


impression numérique

Adhesive digital printing film

support non adhésif

digital printing film non-adhesive



support écologique

Eco-friendly backing

décoration et film dépoli

Decoration and frosted film

film de découpe

Cutting film

film thermosoudable

Heat-sealable film

Special films

Display system

Print shop tool

Inks for graphic printing

Discover our water-based, odorless latex inks. They contain no hazardous substances and emit no pollutants, unlike solvent and eco-solvent inks. The best in large-format consumables.

HP ink, Roland ink, Mimaki ink, Epson ink, parts for cutting plotters.

Encre HP Latex consommables grand format

Latex ink

encre eco solvant roland

Eco-solvent ink

tête d'impression HP

Print head

Adhesive digital printing film

A range of digital printing products that includes a full range of adhesive and non-adhesive vinyls. Most products are compatible with Latex, Eco-solvent and UV inks.

covering véhicule

Polymer films

microperforé consommables grand format

Microperforated film

Lamination monomère, polymère

Monomer and polymer lamination

Laminating consumables

Laminating enables you to effectively protect your printed substrates against various sources of deterioration: UV rays, weather, dirt, scratches, etc. It increases their durability. It increases durability and may be necessary for certain synthetic films or printable adhesives intended for outdoor applications.

Lamination spéciale, consommable pour l'impression grand format

Special lamination, consumables for large-format printing

Lamination antimicrobienne

Antimicrobial lamination

film coulé spécial hydro carbure

Signage film

Non-adhesive digital printing film

Choose the type of display you need: roll-up, pop-up, tarpaulin or canvas.

roll up consommables grand format


papier photo

Photo paper

Tarpaulin and canvas

Ecological support

The notion of ecology is increasingly present in the world of digital printing. Whether at the level of operators and the risks involved in handling certain products, or at that of the end consumer, this notion has become a selection criterion from one product to another. Discover our PVC-free vinyls and laminates.

vitrine magasin

PVC-free film

support de décoration

Ecological canvas

tissus canvas

Canvas fabrics

Decoration and frosted film

Discover our wide range of media that have become essential for developing your visual communication: wall decorations (indoor or outdoor self-adhesive vinyl), wallpaper, canvas, solar films, safety vinyl, etc. You'll find a multitude of finishes and textures to perfect your project.

Papier peint


Film dichroïque

Dichroic film

film opaque

Frosted film

Cutting film

Discover our wide range of cutting films in a wide choice of media.

Balisage fluorescent

Fluorescent signage

enseigne lumineuse

Illuminated signs

lettrage sur vitre, vitrage


Heat-sealable film

Flexes for cotton, cotton-polyester and acrylic textiles.

transfert d'application

Application transfer

flex de découpe sur tshirt

Cutting flex

flex d'impression

Flex printing

Special films

Our extensive selection includes a variety of large-format print media, both flexible and rigid, designed to meet your application needs, perfectly suited to inkjet printing.

Film pour tableau blanc

Whiteboard film

support magnétique

Magnetic backing

film solaire consommables d'impression grand format

Solar film

Display systems

Discover different ways to showcase your brand on our display media. You'll also find

Rails de suspension et pince-affiches

Poster clips and hanging rails

Enrouleur roll-up

Roll-up winder

porte affiche

Poster holder

Workshop tools

A range of tools for your workshop (cutters, scrapers, products, cutters, measurements, color charts...). Discover the best tools for working with large-format consumables during your printing projects.

outil d'atelier

Workshop supplies

Presses et œillets

Presses and eyelets

rouleau applicateur d'atelier d'impression

Felt and roller applicators

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