It is well known that inserting documents into envelopes is time-consuming and can lead to many errors. Why not opt for an envelope stuffer? Discover the main advantages of this mail processing for your employees.

machine de mise sous pli

1 - Saving time and productivity

The envelope stuffing machine offers a multitude of advantages. In particular, you will notice a real time saving when enveloping your documents. Your employees will be able to devote the hours they used to spend manually folding documents to other tasks. The envelope inserter also increases productivity and improves cash flow by processing invoices quickly, for example.

2 - Easy to use

The inserting machine is also easy to use. This is important when the machine is used daily by several employees. It is fast and flexible and has a touch screen that is easy to use for everyone: just let the software guide you.

Mise sous pli

3 - Reading added to machines

Your machine does more than just fold and insert, it also reads! It assembles the pages belonging to the same batch thanks to the barcode affixed to each sheet, and automatically puts them in an envelope.

4 - Correct dispatch

The process results in the correct processing and sending of your documents. There is no room for error, which is very important when it comes to important documents such as invoices.

5 -Good communication with the customer

Communication with your customers is made more dynamic with OMS document management software, as it allows you to add advertising inserts according to the recipient's profile, to place your logo and company data in the footer and to send them by e-mail or post.

Quadient - inserting machine

From now on, your company has the keys to send the right envelope with the right documents to the right recipient! Fast processing guaranteed! Don't wait any longer to request a quote

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