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An air purifier is often recommended for all people with pollen allergies. Regardless of their age and the pollens they are most sensitive to, the purifier is a device that can really help them breathe better.


Airing without fear of pollen with an air purifier

Are you tired of sneezing, blowing your nose and having itchy eyes? What if an air purifier was the solution?

With the arrival of the warm weather, we feel like opening our windows and listening to the birds singing... But what seems natural to many people quickly becomes a headache for people allergic to pollens.

Pollens are tiny grains found on the fruits and flowers of trees and plants known as "anemophiles". Literally, "that loves the wind"! These plants have no other means than the wind to transport pollen, which is capable of transforming the tree's flower into fruit. Pollen carried by the wind is allergenic, while pollen carried by insects is not.

The air purifier can filter all types of pollen, allergenic or not.

How does the air purifier help pollen allergy sufferers?

There are a few dozen trees frequently planted in our cities and countryside that are extremely allergenic to sensitive people: alders, hornbeams, birches, hazel trees, cypresses, maples, beeches, oaks, plane trees...

Whether or not they are close to your home, these trees emit pollens that inevitably end up in the ambient air. The air purifier can capture all the pollens in a house or a small office building.


Lutter contre ses allergies grâce à un purificateur d’air est une réelle solution. Les purificateurs Eoleaf assainissent l’air en quelques instants et éliminent la totalité des pollens qu’il contient.

Grâce à un système de pressurisation à rejet vertical, l’air est entièrement brassé par le purificateur en quelques minutes, lorsqu’il est utilisé à pleine puissance. 

Working continuously - ideally - the air purifier allows you to find a healthy air, free of all the pollens that spoil your life, even after opening the windows of your home.

Air purifier: science at the service of your pollen allergy

An efficient air purifier proposes to eliminate VOCs, fine particles, gases... These actions, all very beneficial to health, are sometimes difficult to prove to the general public. The question of pollen allergies allows everyone to agree thanks to simple tests to be performed at home.

To rid your indoor air of the various pollens that "pollute" it, Eoleaf has chosen to combine several types of filtration: a pre-filter first traps all large particles, then a medical grade HEPA filter that retains and eliminates 99.95% of particles larger than 0.01 µm. Thanks to a very tight mesh of bamboo fibers and activated carbons, the air returned by the air purifier is cleared of all pollens it previously contained. Other systems of filtration of the pollutants take over to eliminate all the other substances which vitiate your interior air: photocatalysis, sterilization UV, ionization...

air filter hepa 13

As soon as your air is deemed healthy, i.e. as soon as the Eoleaf air purifier's sensors no longer measure a "danger" to your health, the air purifier switches to standby mode: you can continue to breathe peacefully, without sneezing and without being afraid to open your windows.



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