Looking for a secure backup solution for your company's data? CK offers a controlled Backup Cloud solution hosted in Luxembourg.

Why ?

Pour protéger vos données  contre les sinistres, les cyberattaques et les pertes

How ?

Our IT team helps you identify your needs, installs and monitors your project from A to Z.

What ?

We configure your NAS backup parameters.

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The benefits of working with CK

›  Data Security : Our advanced encryption technology, with NAS, ensures your data remains private and secure.

›  Quick and easy access : When you need it, find your backed-up files anytime.

›  Automated Backups  : Scheduled, automated backups. Let our system take care of it for you.

›  Dedicated IT team  : Our dedicated support team is on hand to help you every step of the way. A hassle-free user experience.

The benefits of Back Up Cloud

The advantages of a back-up cloud are many and varied, offering a flexible yet robust data backup solution for your organization. It's a cost-effective solution, particularly for SMEs, as it doesn't require heavy investment in hardware and maintenance.

Capacity up to 3 TO

6-week history

Easy to install

Subject to compatible Synology NAS model

Monitoring & Support

Professional CK service

Hosted in Luxembourg

Secure datacenter

"Pro" = enhanced security

With dedicated NAS for backup

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