Our problem: Disposable pallets

In our logistics activities, the use of wooden pallets is essential for transporting and storing goods. Although the European standard pallet, "EUR-EPAL", is widely used, we are also obliged to use disposable pallets.

Création de bois d’allumage en partenariat avec la Ligue HMC

These "non-returnable pallets", normally designed for one-off use, are however sufficiently robust and reusable for our internal needs and those of our employees.

Whenever possible, we use these pallets to store goods in our warehouse. They are also available to our employees for their personal and private needs. Until recently, surplus pallets were sent for recycling. However, in an eco-responsible move, we wanted to completely rethink their life cycle.

Towards zero waste pallets: Collaboration with the HMC League

To avoid waste, we looked for innovative solutions to maximize the use of these pallets. We turned to the HMC League, with whom we found a way to collaborate on a win-win strategy.

This partnership with Ligue HMC marks a turning point in our pallet management. By calling on its workshop, and more specifically its carpentry section, the HMC League transforms our used pallets into kindling for heating.

bois d’allumage bois d’allumage
Création de bois d’allumage Création de bois d’allumage

The wood is then sold to our employees, with all profits going to the HMC League. The project was an unexpected success, with demand exceeding our supply capacity, illustrating the effectiveness and positive impact of this initiative.

A few words about the HMC League

The Ligue HMC supports people with intellectual disabilities and is committed to their social, professional and cultural inclusion. It employs and supports over 200 people with intellectual disabilities. The dynamics of the organization, respectful of each individual, and its passion for its different professions are the foundations of its work. Respect, self-esteem, self-determination, inclusion and responsibility are values she cultivates on a daily basis.

Purchasing products from the HMC League's workshops supports its know-how and contributes to the development of a regional, social and solidarity-based economy. The HMC League is available for special manual and non-automated tasks. It is able to carry out these tasks either in its own workshops or at partner companies.

For further information, please contact the HMC League by clicking here



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