At CK, we are guided by the social and economic challenges that define our mission and commitment. These issues reflect our vision and commitment to our customers, the local community, society as a whole and our business partners. They define our objectives as a responsible company committed to making a positive contribution to our environment.

chercher l'excellence du service client, enjeux sociétaux

Striving for excellence in customer service

Providing excellent customer service is at the heart of our business and corporate culture. The basis of this approach is to analyze our customers' requests through reporting and monitoring, in order to identify and respond effectively to our customers' needs.

We strive to take a preventive and proactive approach to identifying technical problems, even before the customer makes a request for intervention. Through customer satisfaction surveys, we are committed to continuous improvement.

We are committed to responsible marketing and communication, providing our customers with reliable and transparent information. Our aim is to provide our customers with even more information about solutions that help reduce their environmental impact.

Data security is a key issue that we seek to optimize through high-performance IT solutions.

Contributing to the development of the local economy

As a major local player in the Luxembourg industry, our contribution to the country's value creation is essential to us, both through the services we provide and through our role as an employer.

We pursue and develop partnerships with local service providers wherever possible.

Commitment to society (social and economic issues)

We support causes that reflect our values and are close to our hearts.

Our position as a local player gives us the opportunity to get involved with associations in our area and beyond. We also promote the commitment of our employees. This approach allows us to bring meaning to our mission while acting for the community.

Maintaining and developing responsible partnerships with our suppliers

Forging lasting partnerships with reliable, trustworthy suppliers is part of our DNA.

The development of these partnerships is an integral part of our strategy, in order to guarantee excellent customer service, through a quality product offering and solid team training. What's more, the choice of these first-rate partners enables us to pursue our objective of supplying eco-responsible products to meet current and future challenges.



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