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Ensure the highest quality printing thanks to the Agilia retransfer card printer, whatever cards you choose. Experience what Agilia retransfer technology has to offer. The retransfer film adheres perfectly to the card, enabling it to adapt to different materials and technical specifications a well as cover the entire surface for a perfect aesthetic finish. This is combined with 600 dpi printing resolution and colour adjustment via the colorimetric profile, ensuring an exceptional output

Imprimante agilia evolis Imprimante agilia evolis

Produce secure, long-lasting cards with the Agilia retransfer card printer

Take advantage of exceptional quality in printing various security elements, such as micro-text and high-definition QR codes, as an easy way to customise your card design. For increased security, electronically customise your cards with various encoding options (magnetic strip, contact or contactless chip).

cartes imprimés avec Agilia cartes imprimés avec Agilia

Agilia retransfer card printer with lamination module: even greater security and durability for your cards.

Combine Agilia with the Evolis lamination module and you get a complete system for personalising and protecting all your cards. After graphically and electrically personalising your cards, they are automatically fed into the lamination module for protection. Varnish, patches, holograms: the possibilities offered by the lamination module are endless.

security and durability cards security and durability cards

Sophisticated cards made simple.

Agilia offers you an intuitive experience at every stage of card customisation, thanks to a range of software and functionalities.
• LCD panel with QR code display
• Easy handling and recognition of consumables
• Evolis Premium Suite 2 software
• Evolis Print Service mobile application: available on the PlayStore and AppStore
• cardPresso software: create and personalise all your cards



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