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SuperGlass+ interactive displays are state-of-the-art tools designed to modernize classrooms and training rooms. Customer feedback suggests that these screens offer a fluid, highly intuitive user experience for education and training. Thanks to their tempered glass surface, they are both robust and durable, making them ideal for intensive daily use.

écrans interactifs SuperGlass+

All screens are equipped with the Android system, giving you great flexibility in terms of applications and features. For example, you can easily access educational resources or browse your favorite websites. Each of your presentations will be even more captivating and dynamic.

SuperGlass+ interactive displays: real-life use cases

SuperGlass+ displays can be used in a variety of educational contexts. In classrooms, they facilitate teaching through interactive features. Teachers can integrate videos, images and animations to make lessons more engaging. Students, meanwhile, benefit from participative learning, interacting directly with the content displayed on the screen.

caracteristiques superglass +

During your sessions, you can share PowerPoint presentations, annotate documents in real time and encourage interactive discussions. You can also count on multi-touch functionalities enabling you to interact with several users simultaneously, promoting collaborative work, learning and the exchange of ideas.

A fine project at the Lycée Robert Schumann

Schools and training centers that have adopted SuperGlass+ displays have seen a significant improvement in student engagement and participation. These technological tools are not just teaching aids, but become true teaching partners.

A case in point is the Lycée Robert Schumann in Luxemburg, which acquired 9 Speechi screens to equip its classrooms. There are now eight 86-inch screens and one 98-inch screen. All 9 screens are mounted on a wall-mounted pylon system with 2 side wings to accommodate whiteboards (see photo below).

écran Speechi
Ecran au Lycée Robert Schumann à Luxembourg (2)
Ecran au Lycée Robert Schumann à Luxembourg (2)
Ecran au Lycée Robert Schumann à Luxembourg (2)


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