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Clémentine Cadenel is the Export Zone Manager at ESII, which means she is responsible for sales development abroad, and in particular in Luxembourg. The company has specialised in public reception and queue management for a good forty years, and has been working with some of our Luxembourg clients for nearly twenty years.

Claudio Bocci has been the head of CK’s audiovisual department for several years. Working closely with ESII, CK has established strong relationships on a commercial and strategic level. This cooperation has enabled us to expand our client base and offer increasingly innovative solutions.

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Can you briefly explain the collaboration between CK, ESII and SPIECE?

Clémentine ‘The tripartite relationship between the companies ESII, SPIECE and CK allows us to offer all of our expertise and specialisations to our clients. ESII manufactures equipment and develops innovative, modern software solutions for managing waiting times, allowing us to meet each client’s specific needs. This dual role as a developer and manufacturer enables us to ensure that our products are high quality and keep developing them based on client feedback. SPIECE and CK are genuine commercial and technical go-betweens in Luxembourg, allowing us to provide our clients with an extremely high-quality service on the ground.’

Claudio ‘Working hand in hand means that we can provide our Luxembourg clients with comprehensive support, from design through to commissioning and regular monitoring of installations. This collaborative approach ensures that every project receives particular attention and customisation based on our clients’ specific

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What are the flagship innovative solutions on offer in Luxembourg?

Clémentine ‘Our SaaS Orion platform enables a fluid customer journey with no delays, and incorporates various functions (appointment booking, event management, digital ticketing, SMS tickets, dynamic communications, business intelligence, satisfaction surveys etc.). Its high level of customisation, automation and flexibility allows customers to wait where and how they want. Our range of software and hardware is tailored to the relevant industry, the volumes being received, and the size of the organisation. Our ranges of connected and digital terminals keep all visitors informed about their journey and enable them to choose what channel to use and prepare for their interview, whilst reducing waiting times.’


Which sectors in Luxembourg use your solutions?

Clémentine ‘Whether public sector, healthcare, retail, banking or universities, our queue digitalisation solutions allow visitors to be welcomed without delay, whilst offering the best possible service. As well as Luxembourg, our solutions are installed in more than fifty countries.’

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Clémentine ‘Our robust cloud-based architecture ensures that ORION can be extremely easily deployed across a large number of sites without affecting system performance.

All interfaces can be customised in just a few minutes. The ORION platform is fully secure and GDPR-compliant.

ORION can be used entirely autonomously but has also been developed to enable existing systems to be easily integrated. The ORION platform can be accessed from all hardware devices, terminals, screens and display units for maximum flexibility.’

 Claudio ‘Regular monitoring of our clients’ needs and projects is a core value at CK. This enables us to maintain close, trusted relationships with said clients, understand what drives them, and respond proactively to their expectations. Taking the time to determine their needs enables us to customise our services, thus offering a better customer experience.’

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What new additions, future projects and innovations can we expect in the future?

Clémentine ‘Innovation has been in our DNA ever since the company was founded, which is why we are continually coming up with new ways to manage receiving visitors.

Our future projects include real-time prediction of waiting conditions thanks to powerful new AI-based algorithms. We are also working to improve the inclusivity of our products and solutions to enable a fluid, multi-channel experience for all visitors.’


Claudio ‘This fruitful synergy has also enabled us to continually offer innovative new solutions to our clients.

We at CK firmly believe that the key to success lies in our ability to continually evolve, remain at the cutting edge of technological progress, and collaborate with trusted partners such as ESII.’


Can you tell us about some of the clients you have worked with in Luxembourg?

Clémentine ‘We have had a presence in Luxembourg for nearly twenty years across various areas of activity.
Our solutions allow us to meet a range of needs, meaning that over the years we have been able to work with banks, telephone operators, administrations, municipalities, healthcare professionals, mass retail, transport professionals and more.’

Claudio  ‘We are delighted that the various projects we have set up in Luxembourg have been successful without any negative feedback. Our clients’ satisfaction forms the heart of our commitment, and the reliability of
our system is a vital asset that allows us to form lasting, fruitful relationships with our clients. These relationships demonstrate the trust that our Luxembourg clients place in us, and our solutions’ efficient ability to meet a wide range of specific needs across a variety of sectors. We are continuing to devote all our efforts to offering high-quality solutions and impeccable services to our clients in Luxembourg and beyond.’



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