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Efficient document management is a vital component in ensuring that your company functions properly. In the constantly changing world of business, it is crucial to have high-performance tools to easily scan, handle and manage your documents. This is where Umango comes in – state-of-the-art software designed to streamline and improve your document management processes.

Umango V23

What is Umango ?

Umango is an advanced software solution for document management and image processing. It offers a full range of functions to meet companies’ wide-ranging needs in terms of scanning, data capture and document conversion

Key benefits

  • Advanced scanning

Umango makes it easier to scan physical documents and turn them into digital files. Its intuitive interface allows scanning parameters to be configured easily in order to achieve high-quality results. Umango can process documents that have already been scanned or digitised.

  • Data extraction

One of Umango’s flagship functions its ability to automatically extract data from scanned documents or PDF files by using AI or regex expressions. Whether forms, invoices or other document types, the software can identify and extract key information for faster, more precise capture by our systems. The data extracted could be used to reclassify or rename the file, or also exported to third-party software in XML format.

  • Automating workflows

Umango’s advanced automation capacity enables it to simplify your document workflows. It can automatically send physically scanned or electronically received documents to the right file on your network, directly to the right recipients, apply pre-set handling rules and trigger actions based on the content of the document.

  • Integration

Umango can interface with other systems and software you are already using at your company, such as content management systems (CMS) or enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools.

  • Converting formats

Umango offers format conversion options for your scanned documents. You can convert files into various formats such as PDF, Word, Excel and many more, thus facilitating data exchange and handling.

Umango : use case

Scanning and archiving

Umango allows you to quickly scan and archive your paper documents, thus reducing your dependence on physical documents and simplifying their storage and subsequent access.

Invoice processing

The software can automatically extract the relevant information from invoices, such as amounts, dates and invoice numbers, and send them to your software packages via an XML file, thus facilitating accounting and financial monitoring.

Human ressource management

Umango can be used to automate the management of HR documents such as employment contracts, tax forms and other documents relating to employees.

Scanning forms

Umango is able to capture data from forms, simplifying data collection and reducing the potential for human error.



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