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Data violations have become a major problem for many companies in recent years. Data theft and piracy are causing major damage to the finances and reputation of various companies across the world.

CK Secure - la sécurité de votre parc d’impression

How can you improve the the security of your printing pool: CK Secure

We know that data protection is vital for any company, which is why our printing systems already have a certain level of security as standard. With CK Secure, we can offer an additional level of security to ensure that your activities are not affected in the event of an attack.

« With the development of digitalisation and the fact that your printer is connected to your corporate network, your printing pool is the equivalent of a set of computers without keyboards...»

Fredéric Graas, Technical Support Engineer

Our services : Silver, Gold, Platinium ou sur-mesure

CK Secure Silver CK Secure Silver

CK Secure Silver

Change the administrator's password

HDD Encryption

Create a secure alphanumeric password to lock the HDD

Eliminate all traces of data, even after deletions,
with temporary data overwriting.

Program the multifunctional device to automatically delete any material located in electronic folders

Notify KM

CK Secure Gold CK Secure Gold

CK Secure Gold

CK Secure Silver


Disable unsecured and unwanted services, protocols and ports

Enable SSL (self-signed certificate)

Enable network user authentication and automatic logout of user/administrator account

Enable audit logs

CK Secure Platinium CK Secure Platinium

CK Secure Platinium

CK Secure Gold


Enable real-time scanning

Set up periodic scanning periods

Bit Defender Anti-Virus (LK-116)

Hardware reset

Provision of erasure certificates
Annual verification of security settings

Technology watch (report, white paper, certification, ...)

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