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Who hasn’t dreamed of getting rid of all the cables
covering your office?

Un câble pour les remplacer tous

Power cable, keyboard, mouse, HDMI cable... In the office, even if you try to arrange things tidily, you always end up with a jungle of cables tangled together, looking less than attractive in your workspace. There is a solution – one cable to replace them all! As well as decluttering and creating a more ergonomic workspace, removing as many cables as possible even improves performance, rather than hindering it.

Create the perfect configuration with a single

Get the best from your office with the streamlined connectivity of the FHD E24d G4 advanced docking monitor from HP. Free up your office: mount your docking directly behind your screen, with power supplied via the USB-C port.

HP E24d G4 FHD Advanced + Docking ➔

Docking FHD E24d G4 de HP.

You can then add your daily accessories to the screen, and plug in your computer via just a USB-C cable.

HP E24d G4 FHD Advanced Docking : Functionality and features

  • Ensure a comfortable working position thanks to adjustable height, pivot and tilt settings
  • Filter blue light output and channel the display via a warmer colour spectrum for viewing comfort
  • Unique flexibility for all your devices thanks to DisplayPort and HDMI connections, and four USB ports. Use the USB-C port
  • Boost your recycling activities with 100 % recyclable packaging

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