In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, the digital and electronics industry is playing a key role in the fight against resource wastage and waste reduction. As a major player in the office technology sector, we fully recognize our responsibility towards the environment.

As Luxembourg's leading company in digital technology support for businesses, CK is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen.

CK - Nos enjeux environnementaux

Maximizing reuse & recycling

The digital and electronics industry plays an important role in combating waste, reducing the use of resources and producing waste. As an equipment distributor and service provider in the office technologies sector, we are well aware of our responsibility.

Thanks to the expertise of our technicians, our maintenance service aims to extend the life of our products and spare parts, which contain precious resources, as far as possible.

Through our reconditioning service, we aim to reuse the equipment we recover, thereby extending its lifecycle by refurbishing it.

At the end of their life, equipment and consumables are recycled, as is the packaging. The SuperDrecksKëscht label guarantees the efficiency of our collection and sorting processes. With a view to reducing our impact, we are striving to develop the reuse of packaging and further improve the recycling rate.

We strive to apply the same principles of circularity to our internal activities by raising awareness of waste sorting among our teams.

Minimizing the use of natural resources

The products and services we sell have a considerable impact on the consumption of raw materials, particularly paper and ink. Minimizing the use of these natural resources is as much a matter of developing efficient technologies as it is of optimizing the processes involved in using our equipment.

Our aim is to further develop our digitalization services. Internally, we will continue to digitize our processes in order to limit the use of consumables.


Reducing energy consumption and contributing to decarbonization

Our aim is to reduce our carbon footprint, which we measure across the entire value chain. As a service provider, our energy consumption is significant, both in terms of our logistics activities and our employees' business and home-to-work travel.

We seek to continually improve the energy performance of our facilities and infrastructures, while promoting renewable energy, for example through the installation of photovoltaic panels.

Outside our value chain, we aim to offer the most energy-efficient products and services, enabling customers to reduce their own carbon footprint.



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