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As well as supplying large-format printing devices and postprint equipment, CK offers a wide range of services to meet your various needs.

impression grand format et contre collage kapa fix
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We receive your digital files (in PDF format) and then check them.

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Next, we print them using our equipment, tailored to their specific features and volumes. We offer a capacity of ten A0 plans per minute on our Page Wide (folded finish).

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We then check the quality of your printouts.

contrôle des impressions
Réception des fichiers numériques
Contre collage avec Kapafix

Our strengths

  • Any volume: printing capacity of ten A0 plans per minute (folded finish).
  • Our lead times: minimum of an hour (depending of the printing and finishing types and the quantities).
  • Easy access and private parking in Leudelange.
  • Professional machines and an experienced workforce.

Our lead time: maximum of 48 hours (depending on the quantities requested)

  • Plan trimming
  • Plan folding
  • Lamination of posters or plans (double-sided hot lamination)
  • Kapa fix mounting of posters or plans (trade fairs, architecture competitions, etc.)

What are the benefits of using a Kapa fix-mounted plan?

  • Rigid and durable: Kapa fix is resistant to deformation, folding and tearing, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Protection against the elements: its impermeable coating makes it ideal for use outdoors or in environments exposed to water.
  • Easy to handle: maps mounted on Kapafix are light and easy to handle.
  • Professional presentation: Kapafix offers a smooth, even surface that gives your plan an attractive, professional finish.
  • Versatile: as well as being used for plans, Kapafix is also excellent for other applications such as posters, trade fair panels, or visual presentations.

Watch a Kapa Fix video in our printroom (Leudelange)



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