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Your photographs are much more than just images. They're a visual record of your career, your achievements and your unique identity. Why let them fade into oblivion? 

photographie ancienne photographie ancienne

By opting for digitization, you give these memories a second life, effectively protecting them against time, deterioration and loss. Once digitized, your photographs become easily accessible, ready to be shared, printed in high resolution, or integrated into your marketing projects.  

Your past is the foundation of your future. 

numérisation de photographies anciennes numérisation de photographies anciennes

How do you digitize your photos?  

That's where our photo digitization service comes in. In our secure workshops, equipped for the digitization of individual photographs or albums, our teams transform your paper photographs into digital versions of equivalent quality to the originals. We are committed to reproducing your documents with the utmost fidelity and integrity, whether they are old or more recent photos. Each piece is carefully processed by our experts, who ensure the accuracy and quality of the digitized images before returning them to you.

The benefits of digitizing photographs for your company 


  • Easier access: With your digitized photographs, you have easy access to your corporate history, making it easier to find and share crucial information.


  • Protection against loss: Avoid the risks of photograph deterioration with a digital backup.


  • Enhance corporate identity: By highlighting your history through authentic images, strengthen your company's identity and reputation with customers, partners and employees.


  • Support for marketing initiatives: Use your digitized photographs as a powerful visual communication tool in your marketing campaigns, promotional materials and social media to reinforce your message and captivate your audience.

  •  Support for innovation and creativity: Unleash your team's creative potential by providing access to an inspiring visual treasure trove for project design, content creation and the development of new ideas.
numérisation album photos numérisation album photos
kulturfabrik logo kulturfabrik logo

Project in collaboration with Kulturfabrik 

> CK and the Kulturfabrik have been collaborating on various projects for over 10 years.

> Since its creation, the Kulturfabrik has kept all its archives in physical form in a warehouse. Today, the aim is to digitize them in order to ensure their continuity.

> The latest project involved digitizing over 300 documents in various formats (archive photographs, event posters, old tickets, etc.).

Enhance your history. Contact us today to find out more!



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