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As a professional looking for a new laptop, choose the right tool that will make the difference. In 2024, Apple MacBooks are still the preferred choice for professionals. Here's why you should choose Apple.

MacBook Pro M3 MacBook Pro M3

If you're looking for a device that combines power and performance, why not the Macbook Pro?

For IT professionals, MacBook Pros offer top-level performance with the M3 chip, ideal for development, graphic design and video production. The 14" and 16" versions meet every need, from coding to creation.

  • M3 chip, M3 Pro or M3 Max
  • Up to 32 GB unified memory
  • GPUs with up to 19 cores
MacBook air 2024 MacBook air 2024

Are you more mobile in your work?

The MacBook Air, with its legendary slimness and 18-hour battery life, is perfect for small business managers on the move. Its recycled aluminum construction combines ethics and aesthetics.

  • Up to 10 CPU cores
  • Up to 24 GB unified memory
  • Up to 2 TB configurable storage

All MacBooks integrate security into their ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem guarantees seamless integration and synchronization between devices, essential for team collaboration. Security, with Touch ID and Face ID, protects sensitive data, a major asset for the safety of your company's data and your employees.

Buy or lease?

Choosing between buying and leasing depends on your needs and your company's financial strategy. Buying offers full ownership and freedom of customization, but requires a higher initial investment. Leasing, on the other hand, reduces initial outlay and facilitates regular equipment upgrades, although it does involve regular payments. At CK, we offer both solutions.


How can CK help you?

CK Office Technologies helps companies make the right choice, offering expert advice and dedicated technical support to integrate Apple solutions seamlessly into your business environment.

In 2024, choosing an Apple MacBook means opting for power, security and mobility. Whether you're an IT professional, a decision-maker or a small business manager, there's a model and configuration to suit your needs. And if you'd like to try one out, come and visit our showroom to discover the full range and benefit from personalized advice on equipping your business with the latest Apple technologies.



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