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A high-performance card printer that can produce all of your cards with tailored security levels

Thanks to all of the options it offers, the Primacy 2 card printer can meet all of your current needs – and your future ones as well.

How? Thanks to its numerous functions, which can easily be supplemented throughout the printer’slife: double-sided printing, 200 card input hopper, encoders, lamination module, LCD panel.

You can install these new options yourself very easily, without having to leave your premises.

The durability of Primacy 2 also depends on its robustness. That's why we've optimized the printhead protection to give it an even longer life. Also, you can count on the 3-year warranty and even opt for an additional extension for even more peace of mind.

imprimante à badge Evolis Primacy 2 imprimante à badge Evolis Primacy 2


  • Printing: double-sided, single-sided
  • Card encoding: magnetic strips, contact chip, contactless chip
  • Card service life: 1 to 3 years
  • Volume of cards/year: 30,000+


The printer includes sublimation printing technology

for creating coloured cards and thermal-transfer printing for your black-and-white cards. You can also print on rewritable cards thanks to rewrite technology. This functionality, available as standard, allows you to print, erase and reprint the same card in just a few seconds.


With CK and Evolis: benefit from both quality and quantity.

With an output capacity designed for medium and large series and high-quality printing, you can produce up to 280 cards per hour. (When combined with a 100 or 200 card input hopper).



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