The increase in cyber threats, viruses and malware means that protecting your work environment is vital. Keeping your data confidential requires a comprehensive service that provides advanced protection and security for your network and professional multifunctional peripherals.

Protection de données et sécurité intelligente avec Bizhub Secure

Integrated security

Konica Minolta’s multifunctional bizhub printers have been offering integrated cutting-edge security for many years. If you already have one of these peripherals, CK Charles Kieffer Group can send a technician to your premises to activate and customise your bizhub SECURE functionality so that you can be sure that your data is safe while you work. For new purchases, this security can be activated before delivery upon request.

Various different levels of security are available. With bizhub SECURE services, we ensure that your company is fully protected by personally configuring a continually secured environment.

Bizhub SECURE* protects the data found in the memory of your Konica Minolta i-SERIES printing system.

Bizhub SECURE Platinum* secures your devices’ network parameters.

Bizhub SECURE Ultimate* is our top security level. Thanks to real-time analysis, it warns you every time the multifunctional device encounters a potential risk.

The bizhub SECURE Notifier* application ensures that appropriate parameters are properly implemented and remain unchanged.


So once protection is set up on your multifunctional bizhub, you are safe in the knowledge that your data is benefiting from proven security: bizhub SECURE.

* Contact your CK specialist to discuss compatibility with your equipment


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