Innovative tools and digital solutions to streamline your processes and increase your productivity.

We develop customized digital solutions to allow you to focus on the essential: the development of your business and the balance of your teams.


CK Cloud

Building on its experience in supporting SMEs in the digital world, CK is now offering your company the power and flexibility of the cloud.



Mobile printing

As companies increasingly encourage their employees to become more mobile, to abandon their fixed office for shared spaces, or to work remotely, technology is there to simplify everyone’s life.

Discover our mobile printing technologies to save, save and print anywhere, anytime.



Management of colorimetry

Innovative and professional color management solutions that enable printers to develop their colorimetric expertise for consistent and accurate color printing.

Get professional, quality prints that meet your expectations and print with confidence every day.




Specific applications enable seamless integration of output devices into virtually any printing environment, ensuring smooth conversion of print data and also providing additional functionality for specific printing environments.

Integrate all of your output devices into any printing environment with the right connectivity software.



Account & user management

Print tracking and accounting allowing companies and organizations to define and manage budgets for projects, organizational services, user profiles, or simply monitor the use of network printers.

Track print jobs to define and manage budgets by project or by entity and set up user profiles to reduce costs.



Device Management

An interactive exchange of information between your systems and our service management system for high-quality maintenance support.

Monitor the status of your printing fleet in real time so that your devices are always operational.



Document capture and management

Stop wasting precious time. Digitize all the documents that pass through your company and set up automated processes and workflows.

Digitize your documents in an intelligent way and automate their processing by integrating the information collected in a shared database.



Output management

Software solution for professional and ready-to-use output management. Optimized for use in reprographic centers and in-house print shops of government agencies, universities and companies. Provides essential functionality to minimize costs and maximize return on investment.

Save time by establishing viable and secure printing procedures for managing your devices.



Management and processing of print flows

Discover our software solutions for managing and processing print flows. Developed to improve print workflow automation and job editing.

Reduce your costs by automating the preparation and management of your print jobs.




Security is an essential factor for modern IT-supported businesses. Our security systems are there to prevent the leakage of information and ensure that only the right people have access to confidential data.

It is essential for your company to protect your data and secure your sensitive information.



Variable data printing

The current overabundance of information has reinforced the importance of personalized communication. Variable data printing (VDP) embodies the technology that makes personalized marketing possible and economically feasible.

Personalize your documents to the recipient and impress your customers and prospects.





Discover our software suite that offers a wide range of tools to organize, automate and optimize your entire printing workflow. With a web-to-print strategy, the in-house print center, when organized to meet business needs and its workflows are optimized, can become a profit center for the company.

Minimize waste and save time with a flexible and powerful suite of web-based printing solutions.




The purpose of antivirus software is to protect your system. If you are a business user, you can protect your company’s network easily. Securely connect to the Internet on your smartphone, tablet or computer, from work, on the road or at home.

Protect your data and devices with our antivirus software.





Discover powerful backup and availability solutions. Easy to use and cost-effective, they enable fast, reliable and flexible backup and recovery of virtualized applications and data.

Don’t worry about losing your precious data, secure your backups with our backup solutions.



Large Format – Software Solutions & Applications

In addition to printing systems, powerful software tools and large-format printing applications provide integrated solutions for all business areas.