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Frequently scheduled with the aim of improving cost efficiency, and usually at the end of a contract with a supplier, updating the entire print fleet can also pave the way for the introduction of new services for employees.

Quelles questions se poser avant de renouveler son parc impression Quelles questions se poser avant de renouveler son parc impression

In the age of digitization, managing your print fleet can become an essential lever from both an operational and financial point of view. Here you'll find out what your company needs to consider at the outset.

5 questions to ask yourself before renewing your print fleet

1) How can we meet employee needs?

In both large companies and smaller organizations, printing equipment needs are varied and require a targeted, personalized approach.

Before renewing the printing fleet, it's essential to bring together in-house experts from various departments to gather their specific requirements. This helps define the scope of the solution to be implemented, so as to meet all the company's needs.


2) How can I simplify the implementation of my print fleet?

To overcome the challenges of coordinating multiple parties, it may be a good idea to work with a single point of contact, such as a project manager.

This person will oversee the entire roll-out process, from ordering to validation of the print fleet, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


3) How do you ensure continuity of service?

When building your project, it's important to ensure that the supplier you choose provides you with high-quality follow-up, and undertakes to support you throughout this transition phase. Switching from your current installation to the new one can involve a period of downtime that can be detrimental to your business. Your supplier must be able to contractually commit to service continuity.


4) How to optimize equipment use?

To optimize equipment utilization, it is essential to consider the technical aspects that guarantee smooth operation:

  • optimum print and scan speeds ;
  • an ergonomic, easy-to-access control panel, enhanced with customization functions;
  • perfect control of parameter and connector integration;
  • precise upstream assessment of the number of devices required to match your company's exact needs and uses.


5) How can I protect my printing equipment?

It's important to select a service provider with security expertise. For this reason, it's best to choose a printer fleet equipped with an advanced administration system that enables you to :

  • manage access ;
  • share resources ;
  • network monitoring.

This security system must comply with the ISO 15408 standard to guarantee compliance with information system security levels.

How can CK help you renew your print fleet?

On the basis of a comprehensive analysis, we work with you to design a new architecture for your print fleet. Our aim? To adapt your print fleet to your real needs, so that you avoid unnecessary and environmentally unfriendly over-consumption.



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