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All too often, printing systems are overlooked in the digital transformation of companies, because they are considered non-strategic. A big mistake! In fact, cloud printing can offer many benefits, as well as substantial productivity gains.

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Printing, the forgotten element of digital transformation

With the COVID pandemic, the digitization of business processes has gained momentum. And yet, all too often, printing systems are the forgotten part of this ongoing digital revolution.

Just like all other processes, printing should be an integral part of your company's digital transformation strategy. Whether you're an SME with a fleet of ten or so printers/copiers, or a large enterprise with thousands of printers/copiers on different sites, managing your print fleet is often both costly and time-consuming. It can even be synonymous with loss of productivity and increased cybersecurity risk. On the other hand, digitizing the management of your printing systems will enable you to optimize your workflows and boost productivity.

Simply adopting a cloud printing system will enable you to :

    • simplify management of your print fleet
    • strengthen your data security
    • reduce your operating costs
    • reduce your environmental impact

So, how do you go digital and modernize your printing system?

All you need to do is apply these 4 tips:

    • adopt digitized workflows
    • switch to mobile printing
    • implement print management solutions
    • opt for cloud printing

Ainsi, avec les solutions de cloud printing :

    • you choose to offload the complex management of your printing infrastructure 
    • enjoy the benefits of a turnkey SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution.
    • you'll enhance your employees' mobility and agility
    • Konica Minolta, your digitalization specialist

CK and its partner Konica Minolta, experts in the world of printing and digital transformation, support you in modernizing your printing processes, with comprehensive Management Print Services (MPS) and easy-to-implement mobile printing solutions.



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