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Alufloor is an incredibly durable, adhesive exterior floor covering that uses an aluminum base to bond anywhere, even in high foot traffic areas. Thanks to its non-slip properties, it is very effective in public spaces. Plus, it has a perfectly printable, water-resistant surface.

Alufloor support graphique imprimable pour sol antidérapant

What is Alufloor?

Alufloor is a printable floor covering that is an extraordinary graphic medium for communicating your brand, promoting your products or carrying out high-impact marketing campaigns. 

With the innovations in printing technologies and the rise of specific supports, there is no lack of opportunities!

With an R12, it is designed specifically for public spaces, as it has a perfectly printable, non-slip and water-resistant surface. It is suitable for use on brick, tarmac, pavement, concrete/cement and also in signs as there is no need to laminate it.

U/ALU | Alufloor, printable graphic support for non-slip self adhesive aluminium floor 275mic

Latex, solvent and UV compatible

Best of all, it can be installed by anyone because it molds easily to the surface of your choice without the need for a heat gun and peels off easily when it's time to remove.

The slip rating means that Alufloor is suitable for slopes between 27 and 35 degrees (angle), so it's great for providing a secure grip in sloping public spaces. It's also PVC-free and recyclable, so it's sure to check the green box!

Find out in 3 steps how to design and install an incredibly durable printable anti-slip floor graphic! 

Product Features

    • Metal construction means excellent dimensional stability and no shrinkage
    • Adapts to the chosen surface without the need for a heat gun
    • No need to laminate - this durable substrate lasts up to 12 months outdoors
    • Non-slip certification
    • Despite the strong adhesive, it can be removed without leaving a residue
    • Aluminum composition means this product is recyclable
    • Suitable for both floor and outdoor wall installations
    • Simple installation, this product molds easily with uneven surfaces
    • PVC-free design.

Discover this graphic consumable in our showroom, the CK experts welcome you to present the best products for graphic printing.



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