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Every detail counts in enhancing your company's image. Choosing the right screen can improve the way your company communicates and interacts. At CK, we understand this need, which is why we offer a complete range of Samsung screens, specially designed for professionals and each one meeting a specific need for your business.

➔ Here's our guide to discovering which of the available options will be the perfect screen for you.

airxtouch airxtouch

For interaction with your customers and/or staff: the AIRxTOUCH kiosk

Think of fluid, intuitive interaction, just a few centimetres from the screen, without the slightest touch:AIRxTOUCH revolutionizes the user experience.

With classic functions such as click, double-click, drag & drop, zoom etc., all with impressive non-contact precision at 4cm from the screen. Equipped with a 55" Samsung professional screen, this interactive kiosk is the ideal tool for captivating your audience, enabling you to interact with your customers or colleagues as you see fit.

For even more dynamic meetings: Samsung Flip Board

Imagine a meeting room where technology amplifies your collaboration. The Samsung Flip Pro makes it possible. This 55" interactive board can switch between portrait and landscape modes, simply by manually rotating the screen. It's the perfect tool to energize your meetings and facilitate collaboration.

samsung flip samsung flip

To captivate your audience: digital signage screens

With ultra-high 4K resolution, Samsung displays guarantee exceptional image quality. Whether informing or attracting attention in places like showrooms, receptions or store windows, the different screen models are designed to be seen from all angles, day and night, making your messages captivating.

ecran led samsung pour le digital signage

The plus for improving your brand image: MagicINFO

logo magicinfo logo magicinfo

MagicINFO is the all-in-one solution that simplifies your content management. Integrated into your Samsung displays, it enables you to create publications, track and analyze the impact of your messages on a single platform. MagicINFO ensures that your brand leaves a lasting impression.

For an eyeful: The Wall

The Wall is much more than just a screen: it doesn't just show content, it enhances it. With these expandable tiles, you can configure The Wall exactly the way you want it in any environment, with a flexible design.

The Wall Samsung The Wall Samsung

Take any video to the next level for an incredible view of reality in virtually any size. Ideal for lobbies or VIP meeting rooms, it delivers unprecedented image quality. From deep black to brilliant white, The Wall transforms every vision into a memorable experience, showcasing your corporate values like never before.

At CK, one of our missions is to provide businesses with the best tools for communicating and interacting. Each Samsung display we offer meets specific needs that we aim to fulfill. Make the choice that matches your vision, and let us guide you through this transformation.



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