What are the main benefits of your partnership with Konica Minolta and how does this contribute to the company’s success?

The histories of CK and Konica Minolta, which celebrates its 150th birthday this year and is our longest standing partner, are inextricably linked. We share the same values, such as their constant pursuit of innovation and their commitment to always finding the right solution for the client. Thanks to this collaboration right from our first beginnings, we have been able to become a local market leader for office printing and production.

Tom Frisch
Partner & General Manager Administration

We still work hand-in-hand with Konica Minolta today and have also managed to establish ourselves as a leader in the field of digitalisation and support for our clients. Together, we help our clients modernise their work processes by simplifying them using innovative tools, or even artificial intelligence

The trust that we have established over time and the close personal relationships we have forged with Konica Minolta representatives have strengthened our partnership. CK is widely prized by the Japanese company for its expertise, which allows us to regularly discuss ideas about products we are proposing and the specific needs of the Luxembourg market. Konica Minolta also provides ongoing training for our technicians, ensuring that our clients receive extremely high-quality service.


How do you work with Konica Minolta to identify new sales opportunities and explore innovative solutions?

We work together closely to regularly analyse which solutions best meet our clients’ needs, whether these are products distributed by CK on the Luxembourg market or those that we sell directly. Konica Minolta also looks into new, developing sectors that align with future needs, and we monitor these developments closely. They invest in sectors such as the workplace of tomorrow, production & industrial printing, and smart video surveillance solutions. We work together to examine whether these new orientations are relevant or promising for Luxembourg. This proximity to the parent company has also enabled us to expand our network of other Konica Minolta subsidiaries in various countries. These contacts mean that we can now develop international framework contracts and a common approach to our clients.


Can you share a specific example of a joint project or initiative with Konica Minolta that has had a significant impact on your company?

Amid the material shortages we were suffering during the pandemic, we had weekly meetings with Konica Minolta in order to closely monitor our clients’ specific needs in the most urgent cases. Together, we managed to find solutions to supply machines to our clients, despite the situation. This success would not have been possible without the solid relationship we had built over the years. In addition, it should be highlighted that Konica Minolta’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) approach perfectly matches CK’s ambitions in this regard. In fact, the group appeared on the list of the world’s 100 most sustainable corporations (2023 Global 100) for the fifth time in a row, highlighting our shared commitment to sustainability.

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