How would you describe CK’s commitment to CSR and what specific initiatives have you launched in this area?

We at CK are deeply committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and have implemented various specific initiatives to put this commitment into practice. Recently, we collaborated with a consulting firm to assess our carbon footprint and identify specific actions to achieve our CSR objectives. This approach has resulted in our establishing three basic pillars – environmental, economic and social – together with nine key strategic issues.

Laure Elsen
Administrateur Délégué, Partner & General
Manager Marketing & Finance
Laure Elsen Administrateur Délégué, Partner & General Manager Marketing & Finance

On an environmental level, we are working to maximise reuse and recycling, reduce the use of natural resources to a minimum, decrease our power consumption, and contribute to decarbonisation. On an environmental and societal level, we are seeking to ensure excellence in our client services, promote the development of the local economy, maintain and develop responsible partnerships with suppliers, and demonstrate a commitment to society as a whole. As regards the social side, our aim is to enhance our teams whilst developing their knowledge and skills.

To monitor the progress of these projects, we have established a CSR committee made up of staff from various departments who are all passionate about this issue. Together, we are seeking out solutions to minimise our waste production, for example by exploring the possibility of getting fabric protective covers made by a sheltered workshop to reduce plastic use when transporting our equipment. We have installed solar panels and LED lighting to reduce our energy consumption, whilst also remaining on the lookout for environmental innovations for the design of our new building in Grass, which we would like to make as sustainable as possible.


What are CK’s long-term objectives and how are you measuring them?

Our objectives at CK are to boost our CSR commitment in order to align it with our strategy and vision and, above all, to ensure that our family company contributes to future generations. This approach also meets growing market demand, with increasing numbers of tenders incorporating CSR criteria. We want to be able to meet our clients’ expectations as effectively as possible and become a company with which our staff can fully identify. To measure our progress, we designated a person in charge of monitoring our CSR initiatives, and as a company with the CSR label we are required to regularly review our efforts in this area.


How do you involve your employees in your company’s responsible initiatives?

We actively involve our employees in our company’s responsible initiatives. They have launched various activities,
such as plogging operations to clean the area around our site during the summer, or internal cake sales in
November to benefit the associations of their choice. We, as the management, support and assist these initiatives.
We have also launched our own activities, in particular sponsorship of various foundations. As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, we have implemented measures to reduce staff travel and client visits.

In terms of our sales activities, we have established an ‘Inside Sales’ office that allows us to perform some of our sales procedures by telephone, thus reducing our travel requirements. Our next step will be to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicle fleet. As regards our staff, as well as introducing remote working one day a week to reduce travel, we are also encouraging car-sharing and have installed electric car charging points. We are also establishing initiatives designed to increase staff awareness of using public transport via our intranet. However, it is important to note that in this particular area, we are dependent on government policy regarding public transport.

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