CK is now a distributor of the Apple brand for the resale of hardware, exclusively for the B2B sector. This marks a significant step forward for our customers, offering privileged access to the innovative and prestigious world of Apple in Luxembourg.

Pourquoi choisir Apple Pourquoi choisir Apple

If you're looking for products that combine elegant design, unrivalled performance and seamless integration, you've come to the right place. Apple is the right choice for demanding professionals and enthusiasts of reliable, intuitive technology. So why choose Apple for your business and your employees?

The Apple ecosystem for maximum productivity and elegant design

Imagine an experience where man and machine collaborate in perfect harmony. With Apple, this reality takes shape within its own ecosystem (macOS and iOS). Your data, documents and applications synchronize seamlessly thanks to this synergy, giving you effortless access to your files, whether on your MacBook, iPhone, iPad... a simple, secure integration.
By adding an aesthetic touch to this efficiency, Apple offers a perfect marriage of beauty and power. Whether you opt for a MacBook or a powerful iMac, each product is meticulously designed to be both a statement of style and a high-performance work tool. Immerse yourself in a world where aesthetics and functionality come together harmoniously.


A world adapted to your field of activity

At CK, we know that Luxembourg SMEs require a wide variety of equipment and needs. One of Apple's great strengths lies in its ability to offer hardware that adapts perfectly to our customers' requirements. Unique advantages for every profession:

  • For passionate developers: Apple offers a stimulating playground. With Xcode, you have a set of integrated tools, simulators and development resources, enabling developers to create applications for iOS or macOS, all in a coherent environment. This unification simplifies the development process, reducing the complexity of managing cross-platform projects.

  • For meticulous printers: Retina displays on Mac devices offer exceptional resolution and accurate color reproduction, enabling printers to visualize and edit their creations with greater fidelity. Color accuracy is crucial in the printing industry, and Apple's Retina displays guarantee a realistic representation of nuances, helping to ensure the optimum quality of printed results.

  • For creative graphic designers: Apple offers seamless integration with design and photo editing software such as Adobe Creative Cloud. Optimized performance on Mac devices enables graphic designers to work smoothly, quickly and efficiently. The synergy between hardware and software guarantees a harmonious user experience, stimulating creativity and productivity.

  • For talented architects: MacBook computers combine impressive processing power with portability. This enables architects to work with advanced 3D modeling, visualization and architectural design software wherever they are. The combination of high performance and enhanced mobility make them versatile tools, suited to the dynamic and demanding needs of an architect's daily work.


The plus: security at the heart of your concerns

Apple uses end-to-end encryption to protect the data stored on its devices. This means that even if an unauthorized person physically accesses a device running iOS or macOS, they won't be able to access the data without proper identification.
Apple's biometric methods offer an additional level of security over traditional password methods. With Touch ID (fingerprint) and Face ID (facial recognition) technologies, authentication on your devices gives you peace of mind, putting security first. Commitment to user confidentiality and data protection is a priority for the brand.


When you choose Apple, you're investing in more than just products. You're embracing a technological lifestyle, an exceptional user experience and an open door to the future. With CK, explore and test the full range of products in our showroom in Leudelange, and discover why you should choose Apple!



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