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The challenge : Put labels up to the image of the sign

Founded in 2012, Baker and Cook offers artisan bakery and fine sandwich products at its 10 points of sale in Singapore. The chain previously used for its food labeling labels laminated paper labels,

  • Which were unsustainable
  • Required a considerable manual manufacturing time.


The solution : Food labels printed with the Edikio Price Tag Access solution

When the Edikio Price Tag Access solution was presented to the brand, it asked us for some samples that convinced it, especially the matte black cards matching the interior design of the stores. She was interested in the versatility of the solution and the ability to use both vertical and horizontal display formats.
After implementing this solution, there has been a considerable reduction in manual labor and time spent on label manufacturing, and the point of sale seems to be more clear and standardized.
Edikio Price Tag software is easy to use and refreshing the list of articles is a breeze. The brand was able to customize the labels by incorporating its logo, as well as its specific font.


The result : Customers appreciate the additional information on the labels.

Now, the product presentation counter is more attractive and customers can discover the ingredients used in each product. The labels are perfectly clean because it is possible to clean them with water and dishwashing liquid, without damaging them as is the case with laminated paper labels, thus ensuring better hygiene at the points of sale.
After introducing the Edikio Price Tag solution in Singapore, Baker and Cook has just done the same in Saudi Arabia and plans to continue deploying in its Kuala Lumpur outlets.

“We use these labels throughout the brand. They are now part of the brand’s standard practices. Wherever we are, they are. “

Baker and Cook





Dean Brettscheider – Entrepreneur of Baker and Cook

Source : Logo Evolis Edikio

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