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Monitoring offers you an overview of your print fleet for preventative, control and analysis purposes. It alerts you in real time if a failure occurs, allowing you to react quickly.

monitoring parc impression

Whether a machine outage, maintenance, a parts change or a cartridge replacement, monitoring is there to warn you and prepare you for such events.

Using a centralised management solution for peripheral printing pools, you can automatically retrieve meter readings and view equipment breakdowns or failures and consumable statuses.

From a central interface, the information collected can be imported into a third-party application and used for your own ends. The generation of personalised reports can offer deeper insights into and an understanding of the pools being monitored.

You also have a notification system that sends you alerts in the event that a pool peripheral malfunctions or if a consumable level falls below the replenishment threshold.

This enables you to monitor equipment developments and usage on a daily basis. You detect weaknesses in order to improve your capacities, your responsiveness and your business as a whole.

Our service is available whatever machine you own, regardless of the brand or whether or not you have a CK contract.

Benefits of monitoring

  • Improve the quality of your service and business
  • Diagnose technical queries
  • Automate new cartridge orders
  • Avoid breakdowns and long downtime
  • Automate technician dispatch
  • Delegate cartridge replacement
  • Automatically produce reports and analyses


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