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Regardless of your company's activity or the size of your workforce, you are looking for a simple, high-performance screen for your meeting room. However, you don't know what criteria to take into account? We explain the elements to consider.


What size for your meeting room screen?

The first question to ask yourself is the size of the device. Depending on the number of employees and the surface of the room, you will have to choose a specific size, guaranteeing the best visual comfort.
For example, for a room where there are about 20 employees sitting more than 5 meters away from the screen, it is preferable to choose a 65-inch model. However, if the audience is larger, it would be preferable to equip yourself with a 98-inch model.

What other criteria should I take into account?

The width of the screen is not the only thing to consider. You should also take into account the connectivity, allowing you to connect other audio and computer devices.

For frequent use and video conferencing, but also for optimal performance, you'll want to pay attention to the computing performance of this giant touchscreen tablet. It should have interactive capabilities, allowing you to perform operations on digital files, such as spreadsheets, slide shows, or technical manuals.

It is also possible to communicate remotely with telecommuters. With remote conferencing software, it will be possible to see the faces of all participants and collaborate effectively.

We help you make the best choice!

Our team of experts will help you choose your screen by providing you with comprehensive information. Thus, for each interactive screen for meeting rooms, you will find detailed information such as the width of the screen (in inches), brightness, contrast ratio but also the computer performance (CPU power and amount of RAM), size of the integrated hard disk...

A wide range of screens for meeting rooms!

In order to satisfy the expectations of all companies, from small businesses to large groups, we offer a range of screens adapted to the most varied needs.

You will have the choice between several models working with the Android operating system, from 55 to 98 inches, including 65 and 75 inch touch screens. And more...
You can also discover our interactive screens for meeting rooms in real conditions, by visiting us at the CK | Experience Room in Leudelange.

You will see the multiple opportunities offered by this multimedia device. For physical meetings, participation and collaboration will be better.



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