Discover our local Service Call Desk. In this exclusive interview, Jérôme Mathieu, Services Planning Coordinator, explores how CK sets itself apart by offering first-rate support to its customers.

Jérôme Mathieu, Services Planning Coordinator chez CK Jérôme Mathieu, Services Planning Coordinator chez CK

Can you tell us how the CK Service Desk works, and what sets it apart from other similar services on the market?

The CK Service Desk stands out for its responsiveness, its multilingualism, its geographical proximity (we're based in Leudelange), its efficient scheduling of technicians and, above all, its in-depth knowledge of the local area and its specific features, enabling instant support.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our ability to offer high quality support, responding quickly to customer needs and offering support in five languages (FR, EN, LU, DE, PT).

Because we have always been based in Luxembourg, we have a better knowledge of our local customers. By scheduling technician trips efficiently and integrating our monitoring service into the process, we offer a proactive support experience.


How is your team built to respond to customer needs efficiently?

Our 10-strong team is built around a "Call Desk" and a "Help Desk". They are all trained in all the products we offer, which means they can intervene for more complex problems that cannot be resolved remotely.

We receive around 15,000 incoming requests every year, and our local Call Desk team is responsible for analyzing these requests and directing them appropriately. Depending on the nature of the request, they may direct them to our "Help Desk" or directly to our teams in the field.

Our team's motivation lies in customer satisfaction and creating an optimal experience. We take every request as a sign of our strong commitment to the quality of service we offer.

"Because we've always been based in Luxembourg, we have a better knowledge of our local customers."

Can you share an example of success your customers have experienced thanks to the Service Desk?

A concrete example of success illustrating the positive impact of our Service Desk is its evolution over the last 10 years. Over this period, we have seen a significant change in our customers' expectations. The level of demand has gradually risen, and they now expect even faster, more efficient and highly transparent responses.

To respond to this evolution, CK has adapted by raising its level of service. We have taken into account the specific demands of our customers and adjusted our operations accordingly. This includes the ability to respond to and resolve requests from Monday to Friday, even when the situation is urgent.


How does CK measure customer satisfaction through feedback from customers who have used the service?

In our business, there are two levels of satisfaction: satisfaction with human relations and satisfaction with the technical side of things. We are always careful to maintain high standards in both areas.

To measure our customers' satisfaction, we measure situations on a daily basis using specific KPIs. This enables us to gather vital information on how our customers perceive our service, and thus continually improve our efficiency.

Throughout the process, from opening to closing a claim, our teams listen to the customer and adapt to the situation with empathy. This creates a more personalized experience for our customers, reinforcing their relationship and satisfaction.



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