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Zeendoc – EDM solution


  • All you need is an Internet connection
  • A simple, intuitive interface
  • Multiple deposit modes
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Integration with your business software


Zeendoc collects, classifies, centralizes, archives and makes available to you all the information contained in your documents.

Zeendoc processes information from your various departments, enabling you to find it quickly and accurately, on a computer, tablet or smartphone.



What is Electronic Document Management (EDM)?

Electronic Document Management (EDM) is a solution that enables a company to store and manage its documents electronically, with the aim of simplifying and improving the circulation of information within the organization.

EDM is used to supervise the lifecycle of company documents, and facilitates the sharing and consultation of digital data.

Gestion électronique des documents
zeendoc GED

Find the same interface and functions on your computer, tablet or mobile.

CK offers the Zeendoc EDM (Electronic Document Management) application, which gives you access to all your company documents anywhere, anytime..

Find and view the document you're looking for in a matter of seconds. File and share them in real time with your colleagues and partners. No more lost documents on the move: information is immediately transmitted to your company for improved collaboration and productivity gains.
You can also comment on your documents, and set up a circulation or validation process for the people concerned.

ZEENDOC, the collaborative EDM: automate your internal/external exchanges

Zeendoc is a solution for storing, filing and automating document processes, but it is also and above all a tool for improved collaboration.

This EDM (Electronic Document Management) tool makes it easy to distribute documents throughout the company, annotate and validate them, and share information securely both internally and externally.

With online publishing, Zeendoc reinforces collaborative working between different departments within its SaaS platform, enabling everyone to access the same documents online, as well as their different versions. Greater productivity in total security.

collaboration avec Zeendoc
Versioning des documents

Online editing (or "versioning") of documents.

With online editing, employees can create, share and modify Microsoft Office 365 document content (Excel, Word and Powerpoint) quickly and easily from within their Zeendoc environment. Each authorized user can view the latest saved version and retrieve the different versions available including those generated by other collaborators.

The original document deposited in Zeendoc is never modified or deleted. When consulting or modifying an archived document, users access a copy. Whatever actions they perform, the original document stored in Zeendoc is not impacted, to ensure its integrity for archiving and evidence management purposes.

What you can do with Zeendoc 

  • Digital archiving of all your documents
  • Electronic signature
  • Provision of pay slips
  • Dematerialize customer and supplier files
  • Electronic invoice management
  • Expense claim management
  • Accounting export
  • Dematerialization of HR files
  • Document workflow

Zeendoc: a low-carbon EDM that limits its CO2 emissions thanks to several actions:

> Reduction of infobesity: Implementation of functions to limit information overload.

> Ecological cloud: server pooling, use of ISO 50001-certified datacenters to optimize energy consumption, and a French cloud to reduce the distances traveled by data.

> CO2 emissions capture: Establishment of a carbon footprint, financing of French forests in partnership with Ecotree to create long-term carbon sinks, and certification of the approach by Bureau Veritas.

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