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As part of your business activities, you may store hundreds of paper plans in various formats, which may be recent or old, in color or black & white.

These plans may also be of different kinds (architectural plans, town-planning plans, cadastral plans, industrial machine plans, tables, technical drawings, tracings, old plans, etc.), and their state of preservation may vary widely.

Whatever the case, these are your company's information assets, and digitizing them is an essential part of preserving and securing them, as well as facilitating the sharing and dissemination of information between your various departments.

It's a challenge that CK's teams take up every day.

To guarantee quality digitization with real added value, we have adapted our procedures to these different types of documents, depending on their condition, format, medium and content....

The digitization of plans and large formats therefore requires real know-how, as they are fragile and difficult to handle, and the digitization parameters often need to be adjusted for each object.

Our teams deploy their expertise to digitize these documents meticulously, respecting and protecting the original document, while ensuring that the digitization quality is as close as possible to the visual quality of the original medium.

Digitization is only the first step in the process

Obtaining a digital image of a document may offer advantages (information sharing, conservation...), but associating it with relevant metadata is essential if its digital use is to provide real added value.

Metadata is added by simple or complex indexing of values relevant to the company's activity (information contained in the title block of a plan, for example).

We can also carry out customized indexing and classification to enable automated import of digital files into your information system (EDM, etc.).

Digitization of large format plans, but other media too

In terms of large format, it's natural to think of blueprints, but we can also digitize other media such as drawings or paintings. Our range of equipment enables us to offer you a high-quality turnkey scanning service.

In conclusion, whatever the medium, we offer a made-to-measure service to digitize your plans and large formats according to your needs. Our services are generally carried out on our premises, but we also deploy temporary workshops at our customers' premises when this is the most appropriate solution.



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