Are your plans taking up space? Your large format documents are old and fragile and represent the information heritage of your company?

We digitize your plans and large format documents (A3 - A0+).

  • Urban planning, cadastral or industrial plans
  • Posters and posters
  • Oversized documents

No matter the size, quantity or condition, our plan scanning service takes care of everything! Access your plans in one click, simplify your document management and secure your data.


Process (on our site or in our offices) :

Digitization of plans and large format documents

Options :

  • Conducting a document audit / Global consulting mission in archiving and records management
  • Document processing mission after audit (sorting, de-duplication, inventory, packaging for digitization…)
  • Possibility of carrying out the service in-situ (deployment of resources and/or necessary equipment)
  • Doc.SERIES solutions (Electronic document management)


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