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Do you want to resize your current printing pool to reduce costs and focus on better practice?

Discover how to optimize your printing pool and become more eco-responsible.

10 critères à prendre en compte pour optimiser son parc d'impression


Commission a managed print services provider to perform a precise analysis of printing volumes across your printing pool in order to map out use of existing devices.


Remove unnecessary devices and replace them with printers offering a cost per page that is suited to your needs.


Limit local printers, as these generate huge additional costs.


Replace your old printers with higher-performing, environmentally friendly multifunctional devices.


Prioritise double-sided black-and-white printing as default.


Secure access to printed documents via code entry or presentation of an electronic badge in order to release document printing.


Connect the multifunctional devices in your printing pool with your trade software via existing connectors, thus reducing tedious data entry tasks.


Integrate your multifunctional devices into the overall document life cycle to facilitate indexing, classification and archiving.


Establish a corporate printing policy.


Train and support users by teaching them good printing practices.

Optimising your printing pool involves considering a whole set of criteria, from choosing equipment and determining the size of your printing pool to trade issues and user behaviour. Once you gain this overall viewpoint, you will be able to establish a comprehensive printing policy based on best practice.

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