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Today, many companies want to provide a work environment that is productive but also comfortable for employees. Meeting rooms must become pleasant, flexible and adapted to different needs.

The essentials to equip your meeting room in 2023!
Meeting Room at CK Charles Kieffer Group

Equipping your meeting room in 2023: A space for collaboration and creativity

First, it's important to understand that the design of your meeting room is crucial if you want to create a unique space for its users. For example, consider rearranging furniture to allow for free movement and increased interaction.

In addition to furniture, decorate the space with interesting colors and textures to create an atmosphere that is stimulating, inspiring and unique to your organization's world.

Finally, and most importantly, allow members to use different technologies to customize the space to their needs.

Equip your meeting room with the right products and technologies

Interactive Screen 

The interactive screen is the focal point of your room. It can be used in many ways to improve the efficiency of your meetings. With it, you can display slides, images, videos or make presentations in a dynamic way.

> Discover our range of Speechi interactive displays

écran speechi SuperGlass+ confort pour salle de réunion

Video conferencing equipment

Video conferencing equipment allows you to digitalize your meeting rooms.  They will allow you to conduct remote meetings with colleagues and clients from all over the world, improving communication and collaboration.

To maximize the benefits of video conferencing, it is important that you equip yourself with modern and practical technologies. For example, there are now cameras that can recognize a person's location in the room, or smart microphones that automatically focus on a speaker's voice.

> Discover the best products for video conferencing

Caméra de visioconférence  pour intelligente Speechi pour salle de réunion

Wireless presentation tool

Want to get rid of your unsightly HDMI cable lying around the office? Equip your room with a wireless presentation tool. Convenient for people who want to make presentations without being limited by physical cables and connections.

With a wireless presentation tool, you can project your computer image onto the meeting room screen with a single click.

> Discover the Click&Show wireless presentation system

Klick and Show

Cable management

Let's continue talking about cable and aesthetics. Do you know about the concept of cable management? It consists of organizing cables and wires in a clean and orderly way, in order to make them less visible, more accessible and to protect them.

In a meeting room, cable management improves the appearance, functionality and safety of the space, making the environment more pleasant.

> CK equips and installs your meeting room equipment

Cable management pour votre salle de réunion

Sound system and microphone

You want to provide sound for your meeting or conference rooms? So that your rooms can welcome your meetings, your Teams, your AGM or your commercial presentations...

The sound equipment and the microphone allow to diffuse a clear sound in the whole meeting room.

The right equipment can improve the quality of communication, ensure optimal voice range, create a conducive atmosphere, enable the recording and broadcasting of meetings, and make the meeting accessible to everyone, including the hearing impaired.

> CK equips and configures your meeting room sound system

Sennheiser micro

The plus: Reservation manager

A small screen placed at the entrance of your meeting room, it is the tool that we recommend to improve the comfort of the users. Visible to all, it allows you to see the available times for the rooms, to reserve them for a specific period (directly on the screen or via your system, Outlook for example), and to assign people to the meeting.

In addition, it avoids agenda conflicts and duplications and facilitates the planning and management of different meetings in your agendas.

> Our selection of solutions for space management and room reservation

As audio visual experts, we understand the importance of meetings to the smooth running of your business/organization. We strive to provide superior equipment and technology to ensure that your meetings run smoothly.

Our team of experts will work with you to determine your equipment needs. We also install the new equipment, so you don't have to worry about technical issues. In addition to installation, we also offer ongoing support and follow-up with our local after sales service department (based in Leudelange, Luxembourg).


Trust CK to optimize your meeting rooms in a more efficient way for your business.



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