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Although the digitization of documents and electronic communications have reduced reliance on printing, many documents, contracts, reports, presentations and other media still need to be printed. For companies, this represents a cost as well as an impact on the environment.

optimiser vos coûts d'impression et réduire votre empreinte environnementale

Aware of this impact, here you'll find simple, practical advice on how to reduce printing costs and adopt environmentally responsible practices.

By following these recommendations, you can make substantial savings while helping to preserve our planet.

1) Use double-sided printing

One of the easiest ways to reduce printing costs is to opt for double-sided printing. This method allows you to print on both sides of the sheet, halving the amount of paper used. Modern printers and photocopiers offer this feature directly in their print settings. Remember to configure your devices for double-sided printing by default.

2) Control paper management

Efficient paper management can also help reduce printing costs, for example, by encouraging the use of draft sheets for internal printing or documents that don't require high print quality.
You can also give preference to the purchase of recycled or certified paper from sustainable sources. This helps reduce deforestation and supports responsible forest management practices.

3) Adopt environmentally responsible device use 

To reduce your environmental footprint, it's important to adopt environmentally-friendly printing practices.

Switch off printers and photocopiers when not in use to save energy. You can also activate the energy-saving modes of these devices to reduce their power consumption.

Run an awareness-raising campaign among your employees on the importance of responsible printing, encouraging them to avoid unnecessary printing and to adopt resource-efficient practices.

4) Adopt a streamlined internal printing policy

Many companies are unaware of the hidden costs associated with their printing facilities and the way their employees use them. To keep these costs under control, it's essential to implement a corporate printing policy. This can include measures such as reducing the number of printers, configuring default black-and-white duplex printing, and applying print quotas per employee... All these small actions contribute to reducing paper consumption, ink volumes used, and energy quantities... The results are nothing but beneficial.

As a stakeholder, you (we) have the opportunity to take concrete action for a sustainable future. By putting these tips into practice, you'll create a more eco-responsible working environment while saving money. Together, we can make a difference by adopting responsible printing practices and reducing our impact on the planet.




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