Dematerialize your documents to protect them, enhance them, exploit their content and ensure their reliability and durability.

A restructuring or a move is planned?

  • Reduce your physical storage costs
  • Eliminate the risks of loss, duplication and degradation
  • Facilitate and secure their remote access
  • Save space and reallocate square footage

Are you planning a restructuring or a move?

This is your opportunity to free yourself from the storage and handling of paper. Go digital, meet the requirements of your ecosystem (regulatory, environmental, competitive, etc.) and ensure the preservation of your company’s information assets.

Digitization is the first step in your digital transformation, as it makes your documents accessible to your information systems to simplify your business processes and improve service to your customers.

Make all your documents (archives, invoices, bank statements, old books, photographs, newspapers, maps, plans, …) perennial, accessible to all your employees by entrusting us with their digitization, indexing and setting in GED.

Reduce the volume of your paper archives while guaranteeing their conservation in case of litigation.


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While protecting their sensitive, fragile, confidential, valuable or strategic nature, the digitization of paper documents preserves the integrity of the original medium and guarantees the completeness of the information they contain in order to

  • Reduce your physical storage costs;
  • Eliminate the risks of loss, duplication and degradation;
  • Facilitate and secure their remote access;
  • Increase the efficiency of searches and their updates;
  • Increase the efficiency of searches and their updates; Make the use of the information contained more profitable;
  • Helping to manage the final disposition and legal deposit;
  • Promote dissemination through transactional or showcase websites;
  • Accelerate document processing related to business processes;
  • Save space and reallocate square meters;
  • Offer new services to your customers.


Process (in our premises) :

Digitization of archival documents

The work can also be carried out directly on your site.


Options :

  • Conducting a document audit / Global consulting mission in archiving and records management
  • Processing of archives after audit (sorting, filing, preparation for digitization…)
  • Conditioning and inventory of the archives before removal for digitization
  • Possibility of carrying out the service in-situ (deployment of resources and/or necessary equipment)
  • Doc.SERIES solutions (Electronic document management)


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