Simplify HR management, centralize information and access it easily, and manage your business. It's possible, with the digitization of HR files.

Managing personnel files is part of the daily routine for HR employees: updating files, searching for a document or information

  • Analysis of your needs
  • Taking charge of the documents / Receipt of the paper files
  • Preparation: sorting, depollution
  • Scanning
  • Post-processing (OCR, extraction or capture of relevant data)
  • Generation of deliverables

Paper personnel documents are stored in paper format in an on-site or off-site archive cabinet, and other employee documents are stored on the HR manager’s computer… all of these are heterogeneous and insecure ways of storing your employees’ documents, which makes it difficult to share or find them.

Furthermore, the HR department deals with sensitive and vital data on a daily basis, which are subject to strong legislative obligations: confidentiality, right to be forgotten, retention periods, etc. Hence the need to control the risks while facilitating management

Some types of documents are necessary at a given moment and must be kept as evidence, but will then no longer be used on a daily basis by HR employees.

For example, an employee must provide supporting documents when hired: bank details, identity papers, previous work certificates, information sheet, criminal record extract, etc. Once the recruitment process is over, these documents are not to be consulted.

On the other hand, the hiring letter, the employment contract… are binding documents for the company. Being able to access them quickly, to verify information for example, is essential for HR.

Finally, what to do with the files of former employees? It is recommended to keep an employee’s personal file for at least the duration of his or her presence in the company. A secure archiving solution meets the company’s obligations: preservation of the physical integrity of the documents and respect of the confidentiality of the information.


Process (in our offices) :

The work can also be carried out directly on your site.


Options :

  • Classification of documents
  • Mission of accompaniment to the dematerialization of the business process
  • Possibility of carrying out the service in-situ (deployment of resources and/or necessary equipment)
  • Doc.SERIES solutions (Electronic document management)


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