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KPAX Manage is a centralized management solution for printing fleets. From a central console, automatically retrieve meter readings, device failures or failures, and consumable status.

This solution allows, from a central console, to automatically retrieve meter readings, device failures or failures, and consumable status.

The collected information can be imported into an ERP and thus simplify billing. The generation of personalized reports allows the sales force to deepen the knowledge of its customers and build its improvement proposals on factual data.

The notification center allows resellers to receive alerts in the event of a malfunction of a device in the fleet or a consumable level that has passed the reorder threshold.

The park’s governance indicators make it possible to monitor changes in the use of equipment and to detect weaknesses (on or under the use of equipment, color / mono ratio or use of the front / back)


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Counters and billing

KPAX Manage allows you to periodically raise all standard and advanced meters to perform fleet tracking and billing on the page. The solution allows to select the devices to follow


Real-time monitoring of the meter status of your print fleet
Saves time and precision in the invoicing process of current contracts
Automating billing in your ERP

KPAX Manage server hosts counter information from photocopiers


KPAX Manage allows you to regularly check the status of consumables in the park. Indeed, each device is associated with its consumable levels Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow. The solution presents the information in a simple and easy-to-use interface. You have in a complete table and exportable all the data necessary for the good replenishment of consumables of your printing fleet. Graphical history allows you to study changing levels and consumable changes.


  • You stay pro-active on replenishing consumables
  • You reduce the supply of consumables at your customers

The solution tracks the level of ink cartridges

Maintenance parts

The application also integrates all peripheral maintenance parts such as maintenance kits, fusion kit, recovery bins, etc … All of this information can be used directly in the interface of KPAX Manage or via export * .csv.


  • You anticipate, optimize the replacement of maintenance parts
  • You maximize the operating rate of your equipment
  • You retain your customers

The interface shows the status of the printer maintenance parts

Make your bill easier

  • KPAX Manage allows you to set up periodic reports. Receive every day, week or month:
  • Counters for billing
  • The condition of consumables (toners and wear parts)
  • The list of new devices
  • The list of disconnected agents

The data contained in the reports can be filtered according to certain easily configurable criteria in the web interface. No mail is sent if no data matches the applied filters. The provision of files is done via e-mail.


  • You reduce the time spent communicating by mail, fax and telephone to read the meters
  • You delete the manual entry of information in the ERP


KPAX Manage embeds a notification center allowing the user who configures it to stay up to date on the state of the park he manages. Receive a notification email as soon as:

  • A new device is discovered in the park
  • A consumable reaches the predefined threshold or has been changed
  • A wear part reaches the predefined threshold or has been changed
  • An agent is inactive beyond the indicated critical time


  • You trigger technical interventions and deliveries of consumables
  • You anticipate the necessary changes to the print fleet

A notification center tracks events on the print fleet

Smart folders

Smart Folders allow you to create folders with dynamic content based on criteria you choose. (For example: create a folder containing all the equipment of a brand and whose black consumable level is less than 10%).


  • Customize your space with views specific to your job
  • Instantly access the information you need

KPAX Manage lets you configure custom views with smart folders

Custom Views

It is possible for you to organize


he interface of KPAX Manage can be customized.

Print volumes

Calculate print volumes by equipment and detect opportunities. On or under use of equipment, evolution of use.


  • In 1 click view the print volumes of the devices of your choice
  • Easily check equipment at your customers
  • Make relevant offers on your competitors’ machines
  • Refine the restocking of consumables according to the volume made on the peripherals


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